Samsung Galaxy A5 (2016) — phone damaged gps and other settings after used hola fake location

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Jun 7, 2019, 1:48:27 PM via Website

i installed on two phones hola fake location to use fake loc.
when installed i allow mock locations option. started app, and unninstal app from menu not stopped previuosly location. my gps damaged shows where i not was on the snapchat map,google map, or take photo with location gps. how can damage phone gps?? factory reset dont help, firmware reinstall-dont fix it. i wanna buy new phone,how know my gmail acc was damaged by fake location transfe to new phone without installint the fake gps just add a gmail acc the same was be when i use fake location?? can on my router wifi can damage by hola??when i used wifi on new phone still damage the new android ???? now my phone doing silly things,open randomly google play, and i untick fast charger options to charger the phone slowly. today i untick fast charger, i plug in fast charger adapter, shows connected but not fast, BECAUSE i disable fast. after 30mins turn on itself fat charge without my hands. how its possible????? i dont read rewiev before downloading this app on two phones the same day.

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