Phoenix 3 charging issue.

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Feb 10, 2019, 8:39:04 PM via Website

I've had this phone now for about 6 months and I've noticed that battery life slowly got worse and I found out the reason why. Whenever the phone said that it was done charging, it turns out its actually not. Like if I ran it down to 25% and plug it in, 2 hours later I would turn on the screen and it would say it was fully charged. It even said on the main screen that it was fully charged and to unplug to save power. However, if you go into settings and looked, it would say 100%---charging. Even if you go into the hidden test menu, it would show that it's still charging with like a 4.1 volts. If you let it set for about another hour and a half it would then in the settings say 100%--full. And even in the hidden menu it would say then it was full. Any idea on how to make it match up, because it takes another hour after it says 100% before it to actually be fully charged

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Feb 10, 2019, 9:54:23 PM via Website

Are you using the charger that came with the phone when you purchased it?
Have you replaced the original battery?

Check this out!image

That article was right under your post while I was responding!

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Feb 11, 2019, 4:48:23 AM via Website

Yes, everything is what came with the phone. The battery, charger, and usb cable. I was a little confused about the charger only being 0.8A while the battery is 2500 mah. The Samsung that kept giving me random shutdown issues I had before this phone had a 2600 mah battery and the charger for it was 1.5A and the phone I had before that which got damaged by water had a 2000 mah battery and it came with a 1.0A charger. I did try recalibrating it just a few hours ago and no dice. If I leave it plugged up until the settings section section says it's done, then I get good battery life. But if I unplug it when it says its done on the lock screen or the home screen, I get bad battery life because it's not actually done. If I let it charge fully, It acts ok on the discharging part when I'm using it. There's no big gap jump while its discharging. But if I unplug it when the lock screen or home screen says it's done, there can be several times it jumps in percentage while discharging. Like I can watch it drop from like 67 and skip 66 and just go to 65, or if the 66 does appear its just for a brief second. I'm tempted to try another charger that's 1.0A tonight and see how it goes. Either they provided a 0.8A charger because that's the max that's it's rated for and the 1.0A won't make a difference, or it may be rated for like 1.0A or 1.2A or something similar and they just provided a 0.8A charger because their cheapstakes. If I absolutely have to keep using it, it's no big deal because I can just plug it up before I go to bed and unplug it in the morning or like 5 hours later if I wake up to use the bathroom, which is plenty enough time for it to charge, but I'm just paranoid about it being off kilter and causing a fire. I know from a little bit of electronics background that when it charges a battery, the charger ignores the percent gauge and gets it's marching orders from the actual voltage of the battery itself on like how fast to charge and when to terminate charging and that lithium batteries have built in protection circuits that kick in if the battery tries to overcharge, but I still get that nagging feeling that if one thing is already acting up, then something else can go wrong. And we all know what happens when a lithium battery goes south.

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