Magic Unlock - Wave to unlock an lock screen use Sensor

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Nov 14, 2018, 6:52:43 PM via Website

💯 The best Wave To Unlock - Free Wave to unlock application for android.



NZ Wave Unlock is an app use Proximity sensor to unlock screen and lock screen by wave your hand over the proximity sensor. NZ Wave to unlock is allows you to unlock your device just by waving your hand over the proximity sensor and cover Proximity sensor to lock screen.
📣 Wave mode : Wave your hand over Proximity sensor to turn the screen on , unlock screen.

📣 Pocket mode : After screen off about 5 6 seconds when take out your phone out of your pocket or purse . Your screen device is auto turn the screen on.

📣 Lock screen : It’s easy to turn your device’s screen off simply by covering the proximity sensor for about one second. This feature is not enabled by default.

📣 Wave to Unlock Features 📣

★ Wave to Unlock , You can wave your hand to unlock device

★ Cover to lock screen , You can Cover the Proximity sensor to lock the device.
★ Auto lock screen , turn the screen off when your device in pocket or purse .
★ Auto unlock screen , turn the screen on when take out your phone out of your pocket or purse . You will not need to wave to unlock screen
★When your phone is locked, waving your hand over the sensor to wake screen up
★ When your phone screen is on, Cover the proximity sensor to Lock device ( You can enable this function in setting, by default it is not enabled).