Motorola Moto G — MOTO G5 PLUS-Stuck in Fastboot Recovery Mode

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Oct 3, 2018, 9:13:06 PM via Website

Seeking assistance/

My MotoG5 Plus was excellent for a year.

Battery seemed to have died, replaced battery with a knock off brand I got off of Ebay, I paid a phone shop to put new battery in.

Since then the phone stays in "Fastboot Recovery Mode", I cannot get to the home screen or any of my stuff saved onto the device.

I don't know what to pick among the options, I do NOT want to reboot and wipe all of my data from the phone, it is a work phone with invaluable stuff on there.

Nobody in the country I moved to knows how to fix Motorola phones, they don't sell or service them here.

What to do?

Is there at least a way to get the data off of the phone and then wipe it? Or a way that does not require wiping it?

Thank you in advance-

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