Fortnite Battle Royale: Top 11 Guide – tips for new prime importance play

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Fortnite Battle Royale: Top 11 Guide

Although survival style remain familiar, however Fortnite score Royale Battle separate and unique click for themselves, making new gamers hardly acquainted than with the other tactical shooter. Let’s take the article points through 13 important experience to play more effectively and gain the victory over a player adept.

1. Select fall and avoid other players

Fortnite still boot with a total of 100 players jumping from the bus down to the island below. The starting point and most importantly your well is located here, as the position meeting the decision you will go far to go in the game. For points, you will want to select a few small buildings to loot weapons and raw materials-but remember that must avoid the overcrowded housing area as the town, small city … when there are so many people choose fall here (because many weapons).

From when the car flies open, there will be dozens of people jump out immediately (because ham fun or because want to loot map). Meanwhile, you wait a few seconds then dropping his butt point selection or want by putting the location on a map for easy navigation, and plunged.

When the glide to the ground, you can bung though soon to fall more accurately to the location that you want. However, if used more game then you should not lose time in about this fall. Fall as fast, find weapons as quickly and can eat before the network slow players legs.

  1. Farm real fast material

After landing in the correct bearing, Fortnite 1 melee weapons – giant bird beak Crake trees. You can kill people by this dish-but surely no one used. This Crake trees used to destroy buildings and smashing the surroundings to find raw materials. You would like to earn a certain amount of material to be able to “defend” themselves or the building up of resources private fortress.

To start: just banging the walls, houses, buildings, trees (the most important) and reserve available at least 300 wood. In the construction menu, you will see the details she needs what to build the essential items such as walls, stairs and roof-from which I need to break something to get that material.

Finding raw materials is easier at the beginning instead of at the end of the match when people gradually moved closer together. Many cases a ladder shell can help you survive and achieve high rankings for such.

3. Set the high speed construction (especially when being shot)

When there is enough material in hand, you will need a few boards “air test” ahead with building new systems of Fornite. With the works, you can get some special location on a map, or a defensive shell when under attack. Although not built continuously, however you need to learn how to build a House at high speed to be able to respond before the dangerous situations such as when the wall is built of high slope shot, to create advantages from above or simply used to come to the the desired terrain … You will certainly not ignore this feature.

In addition, you should remember that when construction will cause the signal to the other person, and also at the construction menu view makes you vulnerable to attack for, so the menu is also very important. With regard to the materials, you should find out everything-especially wood.

Usually at the beginning of the battle, you will want to focus on building the work wear and more wood (in part because they are easy to find) and the work wear and metal/ceramic tiles for the last stage of the game (due to them was harder, a lot more material).

4. self powered and upgrade yourself

Once you touch the ground, find the right any weapon can use now (than poultry hoe additional people). Weapons can have many different forms from the shotgun range, automatic machine guns, sniper, shotgun, SMG gun to shoot missiles and many more. In addition, the ranks of the gun is also based on the ring of light on the outside:

White < green< blue < Orange < Yellow < Purple

In order of the arrangements, the higher ranked weapons will have damage and superior accuracy than-comes with accessories such as silencer and telescopic sight. Please always note the track levels his weapon in Exchange for the more powerful guns when on after the match.

You can find the weapons, accessories in the treasure chests are scattered in large buildings. Usually, the trunks will be lurking behind the walls need a break (or attic area that you need to build the stairs go up).

5. Keep quiet wherever

As well as the other survival game, your main task is to discover other players and evading not for others to find. When the majority of the battle are both collapse back to the home or the sudden melee skill, “go on firing” is very important to avoid being inverted baskets right behind her-especially in the “homemade” by opponents.