Mega Sea Fish: Family Sim

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Jul 16, 2018, 10:57:38 AM via Website

We are here with the new simulation Mega Sea Fish: Family Sim game that is the fully fantasy Under Water Sea environment and the jumping Mega Ray Fish as a player. The Sea is full of Sea animals like; sharks, Killer Wales, dangerous eels act as dangerous enemies and you will face many obstacles in the wild jungle. You have to save yourself, your Small fish kids and mate from these enemies to survive in the wild Sea under Water in Mega Sea Fish simulator. There is a lot of things you have to collect under the sea to increase your health. The game is full of fun you have ever been played.

In the wild fantasy Under Water environment you are not alone. Try to find out your friends, family and dangerous enemies in the wild Sea. There are different dangerous enemies in the wild Sea that will attack on you, your pony fish kids and mate to destroy. In Mega Sea Fish: Family Sim you have been provided with the health to increase your energy. Enjoy the beautiful journey with the different jumping Low Polly fishes and thrilling Fish hotel adventures of Mega Sea Simulator.

Game play:

Mega Sea Fish: Family Sim is the family simulated game in which you can face the different battles. Wild sea animals attack on you with the big stones and you have to save yourself by retaining your own health that you gain from eating green grass or small fishes. In Ray family you may face many obstacles in the ultimate sea jungle simulator by defending yourself from these sea animals: sharks, Killer Wales, dangerous eels. You have been provided the health and green grass to increase your health that will help you to attack on your dangerous enemies in order to save your pony fishes.

In the wild sea you have faced many obstacles and fights with dangerous wild sea animals. Enemies attack on your food while destroying your living place and you as a Mega Fish you have to fight with these all dangerous enemies to secure your mate fish fantasy sea animals. There are many different fighting mission in the Mega Sea Fish: Family Sim and you will have to pass one level to move in next fantasy Deep Sea animals. The game is very interesting for those who love to play Sea animals simulation games.

Key feature:

• Beautiful fantasy Under Water Sea environment
• Different supremacy hunting sea animals
• Easy control and realistic movements
• Attractive HQ characters
• Different missions

The Mega Sea Fish: Family Sim is very interesting and enjoying game for all those who are fan of the fighting animal’s simulation games. The fun Fish game is full of thrilling and fighting. In which you have to save your kids and family from the all dangerous enemies attacks. Many different fights and mission you play as per your choice Sea fish. You enjoy a lot after playing this game.

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