The Grand City Gangster War Game

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Jul 13, 2018, 8:23:04 AM via Website

The gangs war is begin with full of fantastic fight in the grand city, your agent gangsters are ready to fight with the police and the opponent gangsters in The Grand City Gangster War Game. Be ready for the secret survival mission you have to fight alone with the opponent gangsters who are ruling the grand gang city world. Police helicopters are watching gangster’s activities and they are ready to attack with airstrike as well as waiting to catch you red handedly. Incredible 3D environment of the huge grand city and fabulous gangster war game play made this gangster war game crazier and addictive.

The Grand City Gangster War Game is an action game that contains the gangster battle missions for you. Choose your favorite gangster boy and get ready to destroy the gangster territory. Unlike the other gangster battles games and gangster games here, you can buy the most modern weapons from the grand city shop. Amazing gangster war scenario and searching for the gangster’s boss in the grand city to take the revenge of betray made this game more special.


Get ready to enter in the gangster city and destroy the gangster territory in this spectacular The Grand City Gangster War Game. Play as a secret agent gangster boy and get ready to mess with the city gangster fighters. Defeat the opponent gangster’s gang with in time and show your professional gangster skills. Modern weaponry like, knife, AK 47, MP5, M1911 Pistol M191 gun and M4 gun, you can buy any time by going into grand city shop. Do not under estimate your enemy they will attack on you by powerful martial art skills and with gunfire. Steal the sports cars and bikes any time from the citizen and complete your target with in time to get more score in this city battle game. The terrific map will help to find out the enemy gangsters. Pick up your girlfriend and safely take her to the city mall in your sports car. Collect the packages of lifesaver to improve the health and stamina. Gradually the game play become more complex when you are going into the gangsters area defeat all the rivals gangster’s gangs and beware from the police they are ready to catch you. The bulk of police helicopters will attack on you, destroy all the helicopters with your power weaponry guns. Finish the smuggler before he reaches in the gangster’s area. The battle against the gangster gangs will give you the realistic gang’s battle feeling. Become less bleed in the gangster’s battle and show your agent gangster skill find out the boss of the gangsters to take revenge of betray. Enjoy this 3D The Grand City Gangster War Game that especially designed for the gangster games lovers.

The Grand City Gangster War Game Features:

• Play as agent gangster boy and mess with rivals gangs.
• Grab your modern weaponry from the gun shop.
• Steal the latest sports cars and heavy bikes.
• Use first aid box to improve the health.
• Armory contains AK 47, MP5, M4 gun, and M191 etc.
• Helicopter battle missions.
• Use knife to fall down the gangs fighters.
• 3D epic city battleground environment.
• Show your gangster heroic skill to survive in the battleground.
• Strange camera angles and cool sounds effects.

Fight for your dignity and take revenge of betray, win the gangs battle with your tactical fighting and shooting skills. Choose the sharp gangster fighter grab the most advance weaponry by defeating your rivals in The Grand City Gangster War Game. Enjoy this gang’s city battleground game and show your strategy of capturing the gangster area. What are you waiting for? Just grab the free battle simulator that is ready to blast in the gaming world.

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Jul 13, 2018, 9:04:41 AM via Website

yes i have been to this game it is an amazing thing to play - i also recommend this game to my friends and relatives


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Dec 10, 2019, 1:14:19 PM via Website

i hope this will surely a good game

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Dec 11, 2019, 10:38:07 AM via Website

While the game is probably very nice, the description is too long, there is no screens hot and also no link