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Apr 14, 2018, 9:23:18 PM via Website

I am looking for an Android box or Android TV box. I have looked for several options, such as Minix U9-H, Mecool M8S Pro L, Zidoo H6 Pro, Xiaomi Mi Box and many others, but I can’t stop my choice.

The first intended use for this box is in the car, for long hours trips. In this sense, offline viewing is very important. In a second use, I would also like to use it at home. However, I already have a PC connected to a TV and many needs are already filled.

Needs identified for use in the car:

  • Playback of ripped DVDs (not ISO, but directories / files) with menu. Here it is not a question of piracy, I simply can’t afford to take with me in the car my entire collection of DVDs. Same thing for the Blurays, but to a lesser extent.
  • Playback of Netflix episodes in offline viewing. Ideally in HD, but not essential given the size of the screen in the car.
  • Wireless remote control, not infrared, because the box will be located at a place without line of sight for the users. It could be a wireless remote control or Bluetooth.
  • It seems strange as demand in 2018, but a button power would be welcome, so that the box does not start automatically with the car.
  • Play a few games.

Needs identified for use at home:

  • Googlecast. So that the box behaves like a Chromecast.
  • Miracast. So to display the screen of a cell.
  • Netflix full HD minimum.
  • Google Assistant.

Minimum expected technical characteristics:

  • At least Android 6.
  • Widevine L1, HDCP: to allow Netflix.
  • CPU: ideally at least one Octa-core, type S912 & up.
  • GPU: a GPU consequent to a little gaming.
  • Flash memory: 16 GB and more.
  • RAM memory: 3gb and more.
  • SD / microSD port with expandable mode.
  • Minimum 2 USB ports, 3 desirable. I do not see the USB 3 as necessary.
  • Antutu score 38000 and more.

All this research has also brought me to realize that I will have to choose between Android and Android TV. Android allows all the apps from the store, but is less suitable to TV. Android TV is better suited even for most home needs, but has a smaller selection in the store.

Regarding Netflix, I read several articles about the support of full HD and offline viewing. I'm going to spare you here all the aspects I've read, but there seems to be a correlation: on Android TV, Netflix app allows HD but not offline viewing. On Android mobile, Netflix App allows offline viewing but not HD, often limited to 480P. Is it possible to have both apps versions coexist in the same box?

So far, here are the boxes that I considered, but noe completely seems to fullfill my needs :
- Mecool M8S Pro L with wireless remote control. Manufacturer's support seems obscure.
- Beeling GT1 Ultimate. Good processor, recent Android, a lot of memory, but does not seem to support Netflix HD. Infrared remote control.
- Minix NEO U9-h with remote control A2 or A3. No Netflix HD because no HDCP. A little too expensive, almost the price of Nvidia Shield which is infinitely better.
- Xioami Mi Box. Too weak, characteristics too limited.
- Wetek Play 2. Very expensive, not enough flash memory. Android version outdated. Anemic processor.
- Probox 2 AVA remote +. Does not support Netflix HD. Processor and RAM anemic.
- Leelbox Q2 Pro. Dark specifications, anemic processor and GPU.
- T95Z Plus. OEM product, anemic support. Does not seem to support Netflix.
- Matricom G-BOX Q3. Anemic processor, does not seem to support Netflix HD.
- Zidoo H6 Pro. Unstable, poorly supported.
- R99. WOW! Really powerful, a lot of memory. But does not support Netflix and its price is almost identical to that of an Nvidia Shield.
- Tanix T92. Powerful enough, powerful Wifi, but Netflix support unknown / improbable.
- H96 Pro Plus. Good features, but does not support Widevine L2 and therefore only allows Netflix in 480P. Reputable unstable, many returns.
- Nvidia Shield: ideal, but much too expensive.

I've seen many many more models.

Can you help me finding the right model for my needs?

Thank you!

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Jul 13, 2018, 3:53:20 AM via Website

I would consider saving up for the NVidia Shield. I have tried a spectrum of devices, the Shield is hands down worth the extra cost.