Samsung Galaxy Tab — Tab A insufficient memory

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Mar 4, 2018, 10:18:56 PM via Website

Newbie to the forum and android. If this has been asked feel free to just point me I the right direction. I have a 2016 Samsung Tab A Android Vr 7 with 16 GB internal and 64 GB external memory. Something is eating up my internal memory and I can't find it to get rid of it. When I look at the files, I see no more than 7 GB of data, 2 GB android, 5 GB everything else. However, the device shows 14.5 used. I've cleared every cache I can find and moved what ever I can to the SD card - I know that doesn't remove everything from the internal memory. Is there an app that I can get that shows me folder and file sizes? I've tried some but haven't hit on one that really helps yet. Any help is appreciated.

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