Android VLCLib compile for multiple architectures?

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Feb 14, 2018, 2:03:42 PM via Website


i'm battling with an issue assembling VLCLib. I effectively gathered it creating the .aar record that I can incorporate into my undertaking. be that as it may, I can just do that for one Android[1] ABI that I indicated in my ~/.bashrc document. as per the documentation. run the content and it will create pairs and .aar for the pronounced engineering in bashrc variable. in any case, in the event that I change it and run again it expels already produced pairs and just keeps the new engineering. is there an approach to produce a multi design that I can use in armeabi-v7a and furthermore in x86? so I don't need to discharge a stage particular APK of my venture ..
Thank you

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Feb 16, 2018, 7:58:17 PM via Website

I was struggling with the same issue. this is what i did.
compiled different versions for each ABI and saved the .aar for each one. after that i opened each one with any zip opener and inside a folder called jni there's the .so file. then i opened the vlclib source code with android studio and manually created a folder named after the ABI inside /vlc-android/libvlc/jni/libs//

then in android studio "build" > "build module libvlc"

that would generate an .aar very heavy (mine was 40mb aprox) beacuse it contains duplicated binaries

i also found this entry in libvlc gradle file
that may be the cause of deleting the .so file when you recompile.