Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) — Why doesn't bluetooth audio work with my car stereo?

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Cristian M
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Jan 14, 2018, 8:29:54 PM via Website

I have Samsung Galaxy A3 (2017) (model SM-A320F) phone with Android 7.0. The problem is that after successfully pairing (Bluetooth) with my car stereo (Sony DSX-A400BT), when I receive a call, I cannot hear any audio, neither the caller.

In the call menu, the Bluetooth icon is selected. It works if I press twice the icon, to deselect BT and select it again. My previous phone, did not have any problems. Also, if I use a Bluetooth headset (Samsung Mono Headset HM1100), it works fine.

I've tried the app Mono BT router, but it keeps the stereo always on BT audio and I want to listen to the radio and let the phone automatically switch to BT audio only when a receiving a phone call. I've tried SoundAbout app, but it does not work.

Is there a solution to get BT working correctly?