How to find best android app development company

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Jan 5, 2018, 2:35:41 PM via Website

While coming up with the idea for a mobile app is the first step finding the right mobile app development company to build your idea is the next and the most crucial step. How to choose best android app development company? anyone knows please share with me.

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Jan 17, 2018, 1:19:42 PM via Website

The simplest method would be to look up a list of Android app development companies in India and then apply the following criteria to each. By doing so, an accurate estimate will be easy to extrapolate.

Can they communicate? While it might seem that a developer using a lot of jargon knows their craft, what is important is that they understand the needs of the client and are able to communicate with the client without a hitch. An Android application development company without the ability to listen and talk to the client about every aspect of the app creation process is not really worth hiring.

Will they incorporate analytics into your app? This is crucial because your need analytics to acquire information about the app’s performance. This includes daily crash rate, number of users, views, amount of time spent on the app, etc.

Do they have a robust portfolio? Take a look at their past client and finished projects. Instead of just relying on testimonials on their website, do a bit of research. Pay special attention to how a company works with UI/UX, as an app’s visual appeal matters almost as much as how it functions. Google makes it easy to look up almost anything these days. If your project is of a sensitive nature, it wouldn’t hurt to call up some of their clients and ask for testimonials directly.

Do they provide complete lifecycle support? The best Android app development companies provide support for the entire process, from conceptualizing the app to managing it post-deployment. The company should serve every aspect of your app’s needs - design, usability, testing, post-launch updates, etc.

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May 23, 2018, 7:30:13 AM via Website

What you could do is scour the internet with the right keywords. Ideally, in order to have an effective search you have to know what you are looking for exactly. It is also good to note on the location you are targeting so you could start from there. One place you could look into, I would suggest is in the Philippines. The Philippines has been emerging in the mobile apps development industry so you'll be guaranteed with quality work but in lesser cost. You should also determine what you want so you know what you should be asking when you see a possible provider. Best!

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