Asking for creation of a new subsection - Forum KLIPAD - on at least

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Dec 10, 2017, 3:02:52 PM via Website

I just discovered that french web site has not the same Forum hierachical organization, than this international one.

But some animator (Luna) said me that only administrator of this international site, can crate subsection.

So my question:
Is some one able to create a new subsection dedicated to Forum KLIPAD (or Smartphone KLIPAD) under the main Forum: "Autres Smartphone Android" , where you can find the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi, Nokia, among others ...
So that any french speaking peaople could post their topic in this section.
Of course the starting page for this new sub forum, would include the magic word in its html header

So that we could hope, to see it in the first page of google search, any reference to or
Of course if you create the same section on both sites I do my best effort, to publish simultaneously the same topic (or answer) on them.
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Current situation:
= = = =
When you search: KLIPAD V355
on first page, NO TRACE about any forum, just the link toward the french distributor
But thus site is just a pity, no forum, and no answer to serious problems !
You have to go on the second page proposed by, to see :
a first forum about that manufacturer KLIPAD ( more precisely a french distributor of Taiwanneese manufacturer MediaTek, who sell mainly its products, in OEM mode !)

I had to navigate a long time before discovering, with something about KLIPAD devices !
On, nothing more: no link toward, neither toward !!!
In fact here in France this device is mainly distributed by advertising campaign, done by Banks, toward their customers, in order they made or renew their magazine subscription.
At that moment a free of charge KLIPAD V355 is offered for any new subscription !
Sometime this offer is supported directly by the magazine advertising campaign!

So many french readers get this devices !
Consequently, on,, and ebay, you find easily accessories for this devices.ÅMÅŽÕÑ&url=search-alias%3Daps&field-keywords=klipad+v355

If it was no so wide spread, you will not find so easily accessories for it !
Thanks to any possible action

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Dec 11, 2017, 10:37:20 AM via Website

Hello Yves,

thanks for the suggestion. We are only adding sections for devices that show enough traction and interest among users. I just talked to our editors from our french domain and the Klipad V355 is not a well known phone that people are actually talking about.

Therefore we will not create a section for this device or the brand.

Yves Le

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Dec 11, 2017, 5:14:11 PM via Website

Thank Bastian for your answer

Yes you are right, the brand KLIPADis not so well known.
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OK SO my initial request was badly formulated, BUT its purpose is to get a way, to post with a rational way on an obvious branch in the forum .
I mean something like: Other Smartphone (or devices) Android --> Other Brand
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So I take time to compare with your other language sites:
and obviously, as illustrated below,, .com, .es, and are well suited for this purpose

because when you are in the Other Android Smarphone (or Devices), you do have to choose a BRAND !!!
There is no option "Other Brand"


1) german one
2) english one
3) portugese/brasilian one
4) spanish one (the richer, because we have quite two option to classify ! )
and the "Chineese" specific branch (I suppose it's the Spanish sense of Humor !! Because globally quite all of them are manufactured in China! Thanks to Mao Dze Dong for that !!! :D )

An now the ones with an ophaned branch

5) french one
If you go under "Selectionnez une sous-categorie",
ther is no option "Other Brand" (Autre marque)

6) Italian one (the same lacking choice than on the french one)
= = = =
So if you could AT LEAST put the Italian and French sites at the same level, for classification than the other ones, I should be very grateful for all the italian and french spoken users of your Forum!