Ultrarec - New free recorder app with folder capabilities

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Dec 3, 2017, 9:15:20 AM via Website

A stripped down recorder with folder management, for better organization of

Take recordings quickly on the spot, organize them and retrieve them easily using a folders system.

This app has been created to ease the process of capturing recordings, and the later process of retrieval and classification.

There are situations where having to deal with a complex interface can mean the difference between capturing a piece of content or losing it forever. To avoid this problem, Ultrarec lets you get to the recording right on, and worry about the rest whenever it's more convenient to you.

After the recording is finished, the user will be asked in which folder to store it; you can simply choose the default and use Ultrarec in a "conventional" way. But you can also select or create a new folder for the recording if needed.

This decision does not need to be permanent, as you can always manipulate the files easily later; pressing the play button replays the latest recording, while long press gives access to the file manager, where you can listen to all the files, move them or delete them, and create new folders if needed. This allows a bigger flexibility of organization; there is no need to decide on the spot where a recording goes, as you can always move it later, give it a separate location, merge files from different projects... On the other hand, if you are already clear about where the recording goes, you can store it right away and prevent the overwhelm of accumulating too many files that will later make difficult to find things.

In the first run, the app will ask you if you want to create a default folder "Ultrarec" to store your recordings; this is the easiest, most automated option, but you can also create a different folder, in case you prefer another name or location, or select one folder already created, for example if you have one with contents from a different recorder. This choice can be changed at any moment, as you can always choose a different location for your files, and the last visited directory is maintained from one boot to the next.

The focus of the app is on providing a simple, self-contained solution that makes easy working with recordings, and not so much on tinkering with file formats, customizations and sampling options; therefore the recording format has been limited at the moment to Android's default (.3gpp, at 48000 Hz sampling rate). As the philosophy of the app relies heavily on folders, the files are named simply with a timestamp. Future updates will add new capabilities to the player and the file manager, although both are fully functional in their current state.

Example use cases:

  • Recording voice notes separated by context (e.g. home vs work)

  • For writers, musicians and other creative people who work with a lot of "fragments"

  • To keep well classified interviews, podcasts...

  • Keeping study notes organized by units

  • Recording chapters of audiobooks

  • ...and any situation where it comes handy to create categories, or being able to change the location of the recordings at ease.

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