Swiss Mobility ZUR805 can it be saved?

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atl smith
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Nov 6, 2017, 7:50:44 AM via Website

Hey smarter people than me,

I have a Swiss Mobility ZUR805 tablet that worked great until about a year ago when it started having boot problems, something in the realm of "CANNOT FIND SHELL" (which to my understanding means no operating system found??).

After a year of sitting in a drawer, and me deciding I would try an salvage it as a nanny cam, kids movie tab, or whatever, I decided to read some threads and become my own hero. So, I either messed up, tangled myself up more, or this thing is a brick. Please help me decide or point me in the right direction. This is what I know.

-I found no support on this tab, but there is lots of help on the same problem. This is just to say that generic solutions (resetting BIOS and playing around with the boot options) did not work.
-I have access to BIOS and some other options by pressing ESC on boot, but there is not much I would know to do after that.
-After playing around with boot options, It stopped getting the shell error message and started going straight to "ENTERING DNX MODE, WAITING FOR FASTBOOT COMMAND", wait 2 mins, reboot and repeat
-Trying the POWER + VOL (and different combinations) to enter recovery mode does nothing
-I cannot find the original software (is it called a ROM?) to tray and restore through sd card
-I have read that I cannot install any version of Android, it needs to be specific to this tab. Is this true? How can I get a working version?
-Is this just as a pc, meaning hardware + operating system + drivers = working device?
-The INTEL logo is the only thing that will appear other than the error message. Does this mean I can install Windows or Ubuntu?
-Should I?
-What would I need?

Thanks for any and all help.