Red square with the Yen symbol app, adds and other undesired stuff

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Aug 10, 2017, 7:51:30 AM via Website

Hello, i don´t know how, but there an app anoying me very much. Suddenly i started getting adds on my phone´s home and a red square with the yen symbol.

I can move that square around but cant close it. If i tap the symbol a news page opens up.
This news page doesnt display a name and hides my phone´s upper bar, the one with the time and notifications. Also, this app closes automatically if i swap between apps or tap the home button. One last thing, some times (most of the times) when I unlock my phone i get some kind of loading screen with 5 blue dots in the middle.

After the loading screen i can use my phone, but i get adds and/or the red square.

This thing is very annoying and is slowing my phone A LOT. I can´t find any strange or new apps on the app manager. Help me please.

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Aug 15, 2017, 7:16:42 PM via Website

I was having same problem and after some research, i uninstalled an app that got to my phone out of nowhere... I was not sure to delete it cause it seemed part of the needs of my phone since it was named: Android MMI.
Take it out of your device and everything will be back to normal.
Go to Settings
Then Apps
Then either Apps Dowloaded or Apps Working
Then erase-uninstall it

:) Hope it works for you!