[Free][Security app]Secure privacy in your phone with AppLock(WIN 100 DOLLARS)

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Jul 27, 2017, 12:51:52 PM via Website

A best Privacy Protector for Android, keeping your phone safe from annoying snoopers and prying eyes. 300 Million Users
With Applock from Domobile, you can have a sigh of relief and not worry about:
• Girlfriend/boyfriend is trying to go through all your private stuff, when you’re away from your phone.
• Parents/kids are curious about your gallery.
• Colleagues accidentally see private images or videos when you let them use your phone.

Link to Google Play :https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.domobile.applock:$

Applock from Domobile is a best privacy protection app to easily hide & encrypt your photos, videos & anything that you do not want others to see on your device.
Applock from Domobile: Allows you to hide its app icon & keep your privacy absolutely safe. You can import your personal images & videos in this secure vault, & nobody will knows the existence of the app.
Highlight features:
1.Lock/unlock apps automatically according the time or location.
2.Hide AppLock from the home screen and put a cover like fingerprint scanner or force closed message on locked apps to confuse the intruder.
3. AppLock also recently added an incognito browser, giving you a place to browse in a password-protected app that doesn't save your browsing history.
4.And if you want to know who tries and fails to get into your apps, AppLock has just introduced the Intruder Selfie. Like the name suggests, anyone who enters a wrong password will get their snapshot taken with the front-facing camera. The next time you open AppLock, you'll get a look at the troublemaker.

Recently in Applock from Domobile Facebook homepage will have an activity(MOST likes to get the 100 DOLLARS!).

Duration: July 28th - August 10th, 2017(PDT)
Announce result: 8.14th
Admin Edit: External Links are Forbidden

1. Take a video of AppLock pattern lock by camera or screen recorder app,
2. Post it on Facebook, tag AppLock and with hashtag #bestpattern, #applock, Please also write the download link in the description: https://goo.gl/fwajqn,
3. Collect more than 50 LIKES and 20 SHARE,
4. On August 11th, send the screenshot to us via Facebook message, we will pick the winner.
(PS: If you posted on multiple accounts or pages, please send the best performed one as the final result.)
5. The winner should reach the above 4 conditions and get the MOST likes. Win 100 DOLLARS!

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