Issues with Samsung Note 4 after my last update in May

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Jul 25, 2017, 6:07:59 PM via Website

issue with my Samsung Note 4, the battery is shutting down completely, even the miter shows around 27% and higher charge. That started happening to my phone right after last update in May.
I was recommended to download a master reset software from Samsung website. I did that few times, disabled automatic updates and put back apps manually. I did quite a few times a factory reset as well - all that did not help. Now the phone is dying when battery shows over of 40% charge and I don't think the problem with the battery (It was checked and found healthy). Now my Bluetooth is not functioning as well, it has list available devices scripted in numbers and they are not responding to scan. Obviously, I disconnect some app, I should not do.
Can anyone suggest any better solution to get rid off that glitch and fix a problems, came with that update, please. It is very frustrating. Every time I call to Verizon, often, I don't feel like I talk to the right people. The best solution they recommend is - to buy a new phone. Was that a purpose of new update?