Riddles and Answers in English

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Jun 20, 2017, 1:47:00 PM via Website

Have you ever tried to guess a Chinese riddle? 🤔 What about Dutch? 🤔 With clever Riddles and Answers in English, you can do that! Download this tricky riddle game with answers and have your logic skills tested in the most interesting way!


What was that famous, tricky what am I riddle about the riddle itself invented by some cool chicks?
I can be short, I can be simple, but solving me is sometimes a pimple…
No, no, it wasn't it.
I can be meaningful, I can be vain, but solving me can sometimes be a pain. What am I?
That's it!
If you really want meaningful and tricky riddles to solve and make your brain work faster, Riddles and Answers in English should be your top choice. With so many simple and difficult riddles to solve, this brain teaser app is mental! And it's a nice mental workout, too. The best part is: you can solve easy and hard riddles in many different languages! So, if tricky riddles in English turn out to be too easy for you, go on and try them in some other language you know. You will be surprised how fun that can be. Download best Riddles and Answers in English game and unleash your ingenuity!


🤔 LOTS OF CLEVER AND TRICKY RIDDLES you will enjoy solving
🤔 RIDDLES WITH ANSWERS IN DIFFERENT LANGUAGES: you can solve logic riddles in English, Polish, Spanish, French, Russian, Portuguese and many other languages
🤔 HINTS AS HELP: if you get stuck trying to find an answer to some of the hard and difficult riddles, you can use a hint and get to the solution faster
🤔 UNCOVER ONE LETTER of the answer to help you solve clever riddles
🤔 THE SOLUTION - if you have no clue what the answer is, you can use this option to find out
🤔 COLLECT DIAMONDS - you earn them with every correct answer and you use them to pay for hints
🤔 CHEERFUL GRAPHICS: you will not get bored solving tricky riddle games

Solving hard and difficult what am I riddles has been a popular way of having fun and making your brain work harder since the day monkeys turned into humans (well, at least according to one theory). The humans have evolved, and so did logic riddle games with answers. With clever Riddles and Answers in English you can enjoy your brain training time and solve many tricky riddles. So go on! Download this logic riddle game with answers and have fun!


There are lots of clever riddles to solve, so be careful. If you solve them all, you might find yourself being a genius, and that is a tough burden to bear. Riddles and Answers in English app is not responsible for your ingenuity.

Riddles and Answers in English

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