Getting huge amount of latency while transfering packets between two devices connected by WiFi Direct

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May 24, 2017, 5:04:12 PM via Website

Hi all,
I am adding multiplayer functionality to my 2-player sports game which currently works on single player mode with AI opponent. I used Android's WifI peer to peer API to achieve this.

So far devices are getting connected, data gets transferred as expected. Only issue is that I face a huge amount of latency and since this is a real time game, this latency breaks the game completely.
I am passing touch inputs (X,Y) in packets since my model is deterministic . I am also following Gaffer on Games blog for tips and info on UDP transfer.

      As per the blog, I checked the Round Trip Timme of my packets and they tend to oscillate between 300 to 1000ms (ideally it should be below 250ms). I tried reducing the rate at which packets are sent, reduced the packet size as well (40 bytes from 400bytes) , yet just cant figure out which it still lags.

Any advice , help would be greatly appreciated.


Victor N.

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May 25, 2017, 5:13:02 AM via Website

Most likely you are using TCP, try UDP instead. UDP is the fastest protocol, because it is non guarantee delivery and packet order might be changed. So you need to implement it by yourself.

Victor N.