HTC One (M8) — whatsapp and whatsdog

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jack black
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Jan 9, 2017, 9:04:36 PM via Website

hey there i was wondering if anyone can help me solve a puzzel?
ive been keeping track on this person using apk "whatsdog" and this has brought up online activity which appears to go un-noticed by the whatsapp last seen online status.

I have confronted this individual and challenged them that they are indeed using an apk "whatsapp plus", they claim they are not?!

so aside from whatsapp plus is there any otherway to fool "last seen" on line in whatsapp?

i know all about the privacy setting clearly you can only do so much but it will always tell you when theyre on line no matter what,

so either the whatsdog is wrong, theyre lying or is there any othere way to fool it that im not aware of?