Android Online PDF Load - Preview Not available error via Google Doc

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Dec 16, 2016, 11:50:48 AM via Website

The core part of my application is load PDF online and user have access to download it as per their given rights.

The problem I am facing is that I want to load pdf online. After many research I have found that,

There are likely two ways to show pdf online in android:

1) In Web view by loading simple hosted URL

2) By google doc.

But in our case, if we use way (1), the mobile web view does not redirect hosted url of PDF. And if we use way (2), then there are certain limitations of the google docs regarding the file sizes. (Small pdf it will load like 5 to 10 with size of 1MB)

But after loading PDF with the size of 2 or 3 MB it's also giving me error as "No PREVIEW AVAILABLE" and its continuously giving me this error opening different urls.

So it seems there is still no easy solution for viewing a pdf from url (online without downloading pdf).

The other way to open pdf online is that we can open it in any other third party applications like browser, adobe pdf reader or any kind of pdf viewer application available in the device.

Cons: If we open pdf in browser then it will get downloaded automatically and if we open it in any third party application then they have options to download the pdf.

Please give me some solution to read the PDF online.

And if there are any paid pdf SDK availble which gives functionality of loading pdf online from URL, then please provide information of that too.