Water Damage on Oppo R7

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Oct 2, 2016, 2:29:48 PM via Website

My Oppo R7 is water damaged when water went into my bag when i was at the beach. The phone started showing a white screen with bits of other colours while vibrating like mad until it shuts down. Since the battery is non removable, I couldn't do much but just removing the SD card/SIM slot and wipe it dry and putting it into a rice bag. After 24 hours, I tried powering up my phone with the charger and it vibrated once and showed the same while screen earlier. Does that mean that it is the screen problem and my phone stil have the chance to survive? PLease help me

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Oct 3, 2016, 1:38:09 PM via Website

A quick note. My wife dropped her note 5 into the dogs water bowl. I set it in a bag of rice for 5 days and it did exactly as you described. Trying to continually turn it in before is completely dried out will damage it beyond repair. As far as I'm concerned the bag of rice trick is only meant for removable battery type phones. However I will let you know that in prior cases of water damage to small electronic devices I have used those moisture packets you find in some dog treats, shoes, any thing that has to keep consumer packaging dry and moisture free. I have left them in them from a few days to a couple weeks. The key to doing this right is to forget about it. My past experiences it can take up to a couple weeks for water to dry out in a sealed device. As far as your device now, it's probably time to seek replacement, hope you have insurance. But I would try the moisture packets for a week or so before counting it out. It takes more than one. I usually put like five or six of the big ones in a sealable bag. Hope this helps.