Revolutionary New Social Media App to launch in October

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Sep 5, 2016, 4:25:11 PM via Website

An innovative App set to launch in October is expected to revolutionise social media interaction through personal post targeting to the large audiences and direct business storytelling.

The app is called ‘Nobius’ and it is designed to help people and businesses aim posts specifically at their desired audiences, because they can choose recipients by age, gender, interests and location. A unique feature of this application is the chance it gives to communicate to large audiences right after registration. No existing social media can offer such perspective. It can take years for you to gain several thousand followers on Facebook or Instagram. On Nobius however, you will get to address even more real people right after the registration. But there is more.

The app with no ads

The fact that Ad Blockers have become so widespread recently shows, that ever more people realize that ads annoy more than help. Well, Nobius team believes this should change now. They are creating the App for Android and iOS where people will have absolutely equal rights and opportunities to communicate. There will be no advertising in its classical meaning in this App, only exchange of information between fully equal participants.

Basically, Nobius is the convenient tool where anyone will get to promote himself or herself to the world. Absolutely for free. And instead of annoying ads, Nobius users will only see posts that suit their interests and can be of real use.

How it works

Nobius has a sort of fuel that makes the App run. It is called the ‘Energy’ and it is pretty easy to get. Each time you see updates of other Nobius users, check their photos, watch their videos and so on - you earn some Energy. The app will also provide easy-to-understand, instant Statistics tool to help you analyze each post’s reach and visibility.

The app is the creation of a London located entrepreneur Alex T and his team. Testing and focus group feedback have been exceptionally positive, particularly in relation to the app’s potential to transform the future of advertising and set new standards for social media.

Alex T comments on the occasion:

‘What inspired me to create this application was the desire to change modern social media world. The culture of our App is to finally give everyone the chance to have access to big audiences, for free and in the matter of seconds.

Nowadays, all the social media (Facebook and, according the the recent news, Instagram included) focus on monetisation through advertising. But did you ever wonder as a user why you should watch boring ads at all? And if you are a business owner - why should you pay someone to promote you? I believe that all people are equal and everyone deserves to have a chance to communicate with big audience for free.’


Nobius is the perfect tool to break barriers between the users and the highly interested global audience. With it you will be able to win back what was once taken from you – the ability to communicate with large groups of people directly, free of payments, free of mediators, free of brokers. This application sets truly equal rules for everyone.

What Nobius gives you

In Nobius you can target your auditory by setting gender, age, interests and even location of the potential followers and friends. This gives you the chance to talk directly to almost anyone, starting from street racers in Los Angeles, to millennial disco dancers somewhere in Italy with just the flick of a switch. Imagine the power at your fingertips!

But there is more. Since information is one of keys to your success, Nobius has the free in-built Statistics tool. With its help you will know how many impressions a certain post reached, what type of people liked it, etc. Statistics is easy to use and can prove really helpful to keep track of what people want and when they want it.

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