Dcoder, Mobile Coding Platform (Ide)

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Sep 2, 2016, 2:05:46 PM via Website

Dcoder is a mobile coding platform especially designed to hone your coding skills on mobile. It is a complete package to learn and comprehend the programming languages from a wide range i.e from c to ruby. Here is the added bonus: it includes Rich text editor supporting syntax highlight and packed with all the necessary tools required to give you all the edge an IDE or Code Compiler can give.
Dcoder lets you code on mobile in more than 8 programming Languages from c, c#, cpp, python, php, java, ruby, objective-c and more. Not only you can code, you can debug the code see compilation errors and Result on the same screen. To keep you engaging in coding we have our algorithm section, where you can improve your coding skills whatever be your level whether its novice or expert, We have something for you in there, you will be having fun solving these problems while walking in the park or in a boring college lecture.

The features include:
1. Rich Text Editor with Syntax highlighting
2. Line number, Auto indent, Auto complete Paranthesis
3. Undo Redo
4. File Open/Save
5. Custom Suggestion View
6. Multiple Language Support
7. Replacement for User input for languages like C, C++, Java and other
8. Active debug view for faster access of Output
9. Thoroughly designed Algorithm problems to improve coding Skills and make programmers industry ready.
10. Leader Board : To know where you stand in International coding Ground
11. Custom Menu Drawer
12. Custom Themes, Editable font Size for Editor
and much more!!

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Begin the journey and enhance your skills.

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Sep 2, 2016, 2:06:24 PM via Website


Unable to add Youtube Video, Screenshots or App link, Any mod here to help?

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Sep 2, 2016, 7:03:08 PM via Website

Ankush: Please check this out and share your feedback - Bluenimble.com

Team, try this out to simplify app development

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