[Free] ScanGO - Pokemon Scanner for Pokemon GO without login

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Aug 31, 2016, 7:46:23 PM via Website


I would like to report you ScanGO, an App for Android just released on Amazon AppShop for Pokemon GO.

ScanGO allows to scan the nearby area for Pokemons and visualize them on map without risk to get banned. It doesn't require login and it doesn't access to Niantic Servers so there is no chanche that a character would get a ban.
To work it uses third party services that will be added or removed in future as long as they are released or are not working anymore.

Another main feature is the possibility to receive notifications when a pokemon on map is closer than a certain distance set by the user. The notification system runs in background so it is not necessary to keep the app in foreground to receive notifications. Furthermore it is possible to filter pokemons to just receive notification for those we are interested.
So for example, if we don't want to receive notifications for the ubiquitous Rattata, we simply have to uncheck the corresponding box.

Each pokemon on map has its own timer to know when that pokemon will disappear.
Clicking on a pokemon on the map is also possible to receive navigation instructions to reach him.

The app is free on Amazon AppShop and it's called "ScanGO - Maps and Notifications for Pokemon GO", I cannot post links because I'm a new user, so just search for it on Amazon.

Thank you for your time,


ScanGO dev