Top apps for Android 2016

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Aug 25, 2016, 4:37:44 AM via Website

Download here:

Discover top hottest, latest apps sorted by category, country, free or paid,...

This helps manage and discover top hottest, latest apps sorted by category, country, free or paid,...
1. Explore by categories such as: Photography, Video, Music, Chat, Social Network, ....

  1. Select your country or anny coutry to see and discovery apps.

  2. Sort apps by hot, popularity or latest, most appreciated

  3. Filter free apps, paid apps, or new update, price reduced, .....

  4. List apps are shown some basic information and a summary of each app is important to see how your app simply click on the item, the app will switch to display detailed information about the application .

  5. Detailed information about each application: Number of downloads, birthday of app, number of rate, use what library or have any advertising?, age requirements, size of apk , is the app for free or a paid app and some images of app, ...

    • Graph about app ratings, time and date when updated app reaches milestone as 1000,5000,10000, .... downloads.

    • There's also a lot of interesting information: information about the author, description of products, the permissions of the app, the library, or advertising use.

If you want to install it, simply just press on "GET IN ON GOOGLE PLAY".

Obviously with the compact yet feature extremely smart, you can now free to explore and experiment with the app on Google Play.

Please support and have good reviews for this product to support author.

  • Forum posts: 3

Aug 25, 2016, 4:47:31 AM via Website

this app will help you to find, sort and filter apps on google play
which now have >2.500.000 apps

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