Mad Elephant Rampage

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Jul 15, 2016, 12:04:50 PM via Website

Mad Elephant Rampage
Wreck the whole town with your mad elephant simulator 3d and dominate the wild jungle world and crazy city rampage in the most incredible angry elephant games 3d. Now it’s on the loose and needs you to take control, attack, smash, and kill with your nimble trunk and forceful hooves. Live life of giant size elephant and make this massive creature survive from wild animal. Become the ultimate hunter as the real mad elephant simulator 3d and attack your prey to survive in the wildness. You are a huge jungle beast! Release your inner animal--cause ultimate destruction in the jungle and modern 3D city in this elephant games 3d, MAD ELEPHANT RAMPAGE.
In this elephant simulator you have to control the most gigantic simulated elephant games, massive animal alive on earth and play as African Elephant in wild animals. In this wild elephant simulator game this mad elephant lost his way. Fight for your freedom furiously while people attempt to reign you in. At the start of the wild elephant simulator you have to fight in jungle against fierce animals like lion, pig wild dogs and also other farm animals like Buffalo, cow goat, sheep, horse, deer, zebra etc. In town missions you have to break and knock down all obstacles like cars, trucks, town traffic lights and ultimate destruction in the city and also fight for your buddy. Kill or be killed! in mad elephant simulator rampage 3d and be the wild elephant games champ.
-16 action packed levels to check your revenge skills.
-Free roam mode to create mega destruction and chaos.
-Realistic elephant games animations with fantasy 3D city.
-Simple and smooth controls to enjoy amazing mad elephant simulator game play.
-Multiple wild elephants available to choose.

This is time to take control on jungle and crush the whole city. You have a lot of wild forest animals and farm animals to hunt like Buffalo, Goat, Sheep, Horse, Deer, Zebra, Dog, Pig and Lion for survival in jungle and also have a chance to fight in the crazy city in this mad elephant rampage game. Download this elephant simulator, elephant hunting games and bring your inner beast out and do some crazy elephant hunting games in MAD ELEPHANT RAMPAGE.