How to remount internal sd card storage.

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Jul 14, 2016, 9:03:29 AM via Website

I rooted tablet forgetting to make bakup of os.
No support from zeki. They said sorry can't help. And past any warranty to return.
Zeki tablet tbqg884b kitkat 4.4.2

I tried a swap ram thing to try increase memory size/speed.
dev_mount sd card change
I didn't quite know what I was doing. Didn't make a backup, etc.
I rooted tablet with kingoroot it's still on it. So is superuser but it asks to download binary files again, but can't because no sd card mounted. Internal or external. It won't let me.
It won't connect to computer usb debuging or mass storage at all.
I can no longer get into system files file explorer etc., to try to reverse/fix what I did.
It said nand flash something instead of sd in video. I now know I shouldn't of edited it.
Is there any way to fix it. Maybe put a different OS on it? If that would fix it? Maybe something from google/android and kitkat?
It works as far as going online with brower. But not much more. won't mount either sd.
I looked everywhere and trying everything. Please help. Thanks.
If helps video was: To prevent spam in our forums, new users may not post links to external sites.