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Jul 14, 2016, 8:45:33 AM via Website

Empass (download from Google play) is a new-age mobile-first platform for Job seekers and learners. Players can now test their skills in major job skills e.g. Java, PHP, Database, Networking, Cloud Computing, Big Data, Digital Marketing, IFRS and many others - retail, project management, business communication and many others.
All of this can be done from the comfort of their smartphones by playing simple, 2 minute quiz like game.

Empass offers you the capability to challenge yourself to become better by testing your existing skills or acquiring basic knowledge of new skills while playing a game that is competitive, engaging and social.

The player's objective in the Empass app is to achieve the status of CHAMP (16 levels) in a specific Job Skill. It is done by winning short quiz-like games against real opponents. The player is also provided a Target date to reach that level.
Each skill has hundreds of questions of varying difficulty levels and the game gets tougher with each level.
By the time as user reaches the CHAMP level, he/she would have answered more than 1000 questions in the skill which not just improves their recall but also the correct understanding and application of core concepts, terminologies and processes in that skill area.
All of this can be done by spending 10-20 minutes per day and right from your smartphone anytime, anywhere.
Practice done in this manner sticks better than one-off online tests. High performers can check and showcase their ranking and achievements in a web as well as mobile leaderboard.
Companies who wish to hire candidates with demonstrated proficiency can contact the candidates through a paid Client access.
Companies can also run their own custom-questions based contests (shorter duration) to pre-screen candidates as well as engage employees to refresh their knowledge around specific product or processes.

Empass aims to be that one-app which tests the skills that a learner might have acquired from any formal/informal, offline or online learning method anywhere in the world.
Learners not only improve but also get an opportunity to showcase it to their friends (through facebook share or employers through a leaderboard).
New and related skills keep getting added to the platform which makes it possible for a life-long learner to continue to remain active.

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Jan 26, 2020, 6:47:16 PM via Website

This is a more complex task. A review is an analysis of a book that has to contain its strengths and weaknesses. It, therefore, requires critical thinking skills and the ability to assess ideas and link them logically. You not only have to read the whole book but also need to evaluate it effectively.

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