HTC One mini — Bootloader hang, Unlocking Process fail, Cannot boot

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Farshad Zamani
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Jul 2, 2016, 4:16:33 PM via Website

Hi everyone. Thanks for your attention
I have a HTC Mini. Today I wasn't able to connect my phone into the wifi. Then, I restarted and afterwards the phone didn't boot at all. It goes only to the bootloader menu. Last two days I was looking for the solution. In the HBOOT menu when I tried to the factory reset it only jumps into the fastboot menu, same thing for the recovery. When I am in the fastboot menu, if I click on reboot, or reboot bootloader it just reboot and the HBOOT menu comes again.

However, my HBOOT menu is locked and when I wanted to try unlock it. following problem happen :
- when I connect the phone to a Mac, Fastboot Devices detect (but only fastboot, ADB devices return nothing) the phone and I could get the token for unlocking procedure, but when I load the the unlock token which sent to me by mail from HTCDEV, nothing happen. it just say everything was successful on Terminal, but nothing shows up on the phone to Confirm unlocking procedure and sometimes it hangs and if I try pushing the token again (the bin file), I receive an error, fail to splash the screen (something like this). However, I already installed the HTC Sync Manager and every other possible driver I could find on the internet.

  • When I use windows, after installing HTC Sync and all of the drivers several time, still the command for Fastboot devices or ADB Devices return nothing. I don't care about the phone data or anything. I just want to like Flash the whole operating system and everything . thats fine. But nothing is working properly.

Please guide me if you have any idea about this problem.