Dragon Touch X10 not charging

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Jun 6, 2016, 11:33:08 AM via Website

Hello, all - newbie to the forum and first post. Back on Dec. 3, 2015, I bought two Dragon Touch X10 tablets, and now they're both experiencing (almost overnight!) issues with charging. Suddenly, from taking four hours to fully charge, they're now taking two to three DAYS. I've tried several chargers and have made sure that the connectors are fully seated. I did a "reboot" as opposed to the basic turn on/turn off - and there's no change.
I love these tablets, they've been wonderful up till now - six months in and this shows up out of nowhere. Any ideas on what might be wrong?

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Aug 4, 2016, 10:05:29 AM via Website

You can try a comptible charger , or USB charger to see if it works? You need to make sure the tablet is off during charge. If you run apps when it's in charge, it will take much longer to get full charge.
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Chrisopher Lock
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Mar 7, 2018, 6:55:44 PM via Website

Hi, I am sure your issue was resolved but I wanted to post this for anyone actively having this issue or the wifi issue. I as well noticed extreme charge times +A day and the tablet would not charge when on and plugged in it would simply take a day to lose the charge as it was receiving some power. I set my display to minimum brightness and turned off location & blue-tooth leaving wifi on. I was only about 8 feet from the router and had perfect signal on all other devices. I installed Ampere to determine the charge coming in as I have had a similar issue with a samsung sometime ago (That issue turned out to be a surge suppressor). At any rate the initial plug would show 1024mA coming in for about 4 or 5 seconds and drop. So i would turn off the screen allowing a brief charge time and check back. The incoming charge would stay around 450-620 no matter what (changing outlets, cables, chargers, circuit breaker zone, etc.) I am well aware that in many electronic devices a complete reinstall can fix many bugs and issues. So I re-downloaded the factory firmware (Tablet Express Support: Dragon X10 Android 5 16 GB) for this particular unit, and the restore tool (Phoenix USB PRO). After flashing the problem was gone! furthermore what was a two bar wifi connection was full bars! How about that, a bonus fix! This potentially could have been due to an update of the wifi driver in the kernel, the additional .ko file had a problem, or there was file corruption. All issues that would be mitigated with a fresh install.

If you are a visual learner here is a youtube video from an unaffiliated source on the process.
(I add my two cents on a couple things below)
youtube (dot com) /watch?v=5CUlQXkPcaQ

If you prefer to read then continue reading.

This assumes the following is true on your system:

  1. You have downloaded and installed the Phoenix tool for restoring your Dragon X10 (Phoenix USB Pro)
    https devfiles (dot co) /download/sj40HKfH/PhoneixUSBPro_V4.0.0.zip

  2. You have already downloaded and installed the appropriate usb drivers for the X10. (It should appear in device manager as "X10" when plugged in).
    Hint if you are having problems getting the drivers to work in Windows 10, you will need to disable signature enforcement check temporarily in windows. To do this hold SHIFT + Click the start button (windows logo lower left) keep SHIFT held down and restart your machine via the menu. Keep shift pressed and a blue menu will come up. Now you can release SHIFT and select advanced settings and startup options this will reboot into a menu with a few options you want to select "boot without driver signature enforcement check". F8 This is temporary and rebooting will set your pc back to normal driver check. For extensive support on getting your driver to work please refer to Microsoft kb.

  3. You determined the appropriate ROM for our device from Tablet Express Support and downloaded it accordingly.
    *Included link is for x10 IPS 1366x768, 16GB, blue-tooth, wifi, mini-hdmi, lollipop
    tabletexpress (dot com) /support/index/download/980 *

4: You accept all responsibility and liability for what happens (You used the wrong firmware, your computer blows up right in the middle of the process, etc.)

I will preface this by saying I have re-installed MANY allwinner
devices using the Phoenix tool and it has been 100% reliable when it
comes recovering from an error during a firmware re-shoot so if
something does go wrong try again before you freak out.

backup up any internal files on the device to your sd card by copying them over

Temporally disable any firewall and anti-virus. This is not 100% necessary but helps insure uninterrupted communication between the computer and the X10 during the restore process. If you have any communication issues blocking the process, halting it, or causing errors, and your drivers are correct/verified working then disable.

  1. Unplug all usb devices that are not peripherals (This is a safety precaution). As well power off your tablet, do not have it plugged in at all and make sure you have removed your sd card (precaution).

  2. Open the Phoenix USB Pro software, if this is your first use you will need to navigate to the key file if the field is blank or you get yelled at in the next step. The key file is included in the download if the version you are using requires it.

  3. Click on the image button and navigate to image you have downloaded. Your file will have been downloaded in zip format so you will need to extract it before you can open it with the Phoenix software.

  4. The software will now be ready so click start. You should see a green check mark indicating everything is ready and good to go.

  5. The button can change depending on the state of the device, it should not be but I have seen it.
    Hold down the volume down key and plug in the usb cable attached to your computer.

  6. Keeping the volume key pressed press the power button a few times.

  7. You will see a red box with an X replace green check mark. This will be brief so keep your eyes open.

  8. Release the keys and allow the process to continue until it has completed (It should be indicated by a green "100% completed" progress bar.)

I repeat the reinstall 3 times, and 4-5 when dealing with a problematic. Once normally should be fine but I have seen issues and bugs when flashing once that re surface and the system is slower in these instances.

  1. Go ahead and stop the Phoenix software and exit it. (Re enable any firewall or anti-virus you disabled.)

After the above is completed I go a step further and boot into recovery and reset the device 2 or 3 times. Many will say it is not necessary, while I do not disagree with that statement for the device to operate. I would state I have seen performance issues and bugs from taking the lazy route and doing a single flash with no reset.

The trade off is you lose all data and settings the plus side is funny issues like charging and wifi bugs go away. It is extremely likely rooting the device is in someway a contributing factor to the issues people are exhibiting. The reasoning is when fully rooted the security (privileges) to the battery statics file and many others is compromised and subject to alterations beyond what is considered normal. As well certain root methods can cause odd bugs or anomalous when not intended for your device. If ou are not rooted it is possible there is simply file corruption from normal use. For those rooting it is not really necessary if you can not directly say why your device is rooted and what purpose it is serving. If you do know then you do not need this tutorial. This device has an open system anyway and has no locks implemented that you can not remove, adb shell root access is allowed on this unit the developers left it in the system. So for this device there is not much of a need to go further in rooting unless you have very specific needs. Typically at most enabling an application as an administrator, granting usage access, and accessible options is more than enough.