Samsung Galaxy S4 — Phone turns off and is unresponsive in hard reset/software download mode

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May 20, 2016, 5:40:56 AM via Website

I have an overseas phone through MetroPCS. The first symptom was the cell phone overheated in my pocket because it kept turning on and getting shut off at the Samsung Galaxy screen. I took the battery out to keep it from overheating.

I tried hard reset (Power button, Bottom button and Volume Up) but as soon as it gets to the hard reset screen none of the buttons (Up and Down button) work and it immediately shuts off.

I tried the download program mode (Power button,Bottom button and Volume Down) same thing happens. Buttons don't work to move cursor or select options. Then, immediately shuts down.

I'm pretty sure at this point it's a hardware issue at this point. I'm doing some tinkering now with it (it's no longer my primary phone) and was wondering what if it is a hardware issue what part should i replace?

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May 22, 2016, 8:20:04 PM via Website

It sounds like the hardware needs repair, if it is at all worth repairing a S4. Have the Samsung store take a look at it.