Sony Xperia Z5 - Will not recognize on PC - Unknown Device

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May 17, 2016, 5:22:45 AM via Website


I have been having troubles with my Xperia lately. When i first got it it would connect fine with no issue to Xperia Companion on my PC, but now it either says "Unknown Device" or does not show a USB is connected at all.

I have tried to use the repair setting in the Xperia Companion, but holding down the 'volume down' button while plugging it in does not bring up any debug or application change on my PC nor Xperia. All it does is show that it is charging then the screen goes black ( on my Xperia)

I recently installed SSD drives in my PC and had to mess around with a lot of settings for them to function properly. Could it possibly be a setting on PC doing this? Or is it my phone?

Thanks in advance, i would really love to put new music on my phone asap!