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Apr 25, 2016, 6:41:41 PM via Website

Hey developers and experts,

im from Germany and have coded a music note trainer app. Notes are displayed and you have to click the correct button (general description) There is a free version with basic funtionality and a PRO version with some extra features like pitch detection over microphone (with Fast-Fourier-Transformation...). I earn 150-200 Euros (net) a month only by selling the PRO version. BUT almost everybody is from Germany! Both apps are translated in English and partly in Spanish and Portuguese (in portuguese only store entry; in spanish only app resources (strings and graphics)). I have integrated Google Analytics in the free version and it shows me: I have around 1,800 active users now (April 2016):

1000 from Germany
115 from Brazil (portuguese)
100 form Austria (german)
90 from Turkey
only 78 from United States
56 from Switzerland (german)
26 from Mexico (spanish)

Free version downloads: 5000
PRO version downloads: 450+ (almost only from germany)

1) So, my first question is: Why so few english speaking countries downloaded my app (and in Germany so much)?
Its completely translated to english...

2) Secondly, how can i enter us market?

Some more questions:

3) Is the Play Store available in China? Or do i need to use different android app stores? How to enter there?

4) Which language they speak in Taiwan? Chinese and Taiwanese? Which language should i use for my app for Taiwan? If chinese, traditional or simplified? (There is to options in the Developer Console)

5) I have localized res folders for graphics and localized strings.xml files (for english, german, portuguese, spanish). And the store entry is in translated in these languages. What else do i need to consider for optimal internationalization?

6) Which markets are important to reach? According to AppAnnie i think: United States, Brazil, India, Russia, Mexico, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Germany and I think France, UK, Canada, Spain, Italy, and many more...

7) Does an AdWords campaign on Play Store make sense?

I would appreciate your help very much!

App on Play Store: Music Trainer Professional PRO

free version:
there you find PRO version

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May 5, 2016, 5:49:01 PM via Website

Hi there,

My name is Carmen and I'm a translator and localization specialist.

I'm afraid I don't have an answer for all your queries but I work as a translation coordinator in a translation company and for all our projects in Taiwan we translate into Traditional Chinese.

I hope that helps!



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