Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 — Phone not working despite a new battery

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Apr 6, 2016, 3:25:44 PM via Website


Background to what has happened:

  • The phone is about 3 years old and over time the phone needed charging more frequently
  • Eventually I decided that I needed a new phone so I stopped using the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 for a month
  • I had problems with the new phone I bought and decided to use my Samsung again till I bought a replacement
  • I noticed that despite being on charge for a few hours the screen remained blank, e.g. no charging symbol
  • I plugged in the USB and on the desktop PC it repeatedly kept making the noise ("der-der-der" really quickly + lighter tone and "der-der" more slowly and loudly) and that something was plugged but there was no notifications/popups/installed device under my computer to show any recognition of the device
  • Today, I inserted a brand new battery and thought it would at least work now as there will be some charge in the new battery but unfortunately the same issue persists

I tried cleaning out the port but it makes me think if I inserted a new battery then there would be at least some battery life in the device.

All I know is that the phone was working when it was being charged previously though it did require charging twice a day to get a full battery - so I felt it was a dying battery more than anything else.

Any suggestions and advice will be greatly appreciated!