Samsung Galaxy S3 — Phone Randomly freezes, stuck at Samsung Logo.

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Mar 23, 2016, 4:59:00 AM via Website

So Ive had this galaxy s3 I-9300 for 2 years and a half already and it went perfect, just sometimes it was a bit too slow but it wouldn't give me many problems.

Some days ago I bought a new sim card as I had one from another country and put it inside. That gave me no problems at all. Some hours later I put the phone in the table (I might have dropped it from a minimal distance, didn't lay it directly in the table) and when I see it, the phone is now rebooting and the samsung galaxy SIII logo comes in... then it gets stuck in the SAMSUNG blue logo and it keeps shining for a few minutes and nothing happens. I remove the battery and try several times, then I give up and give it a longer time... it finally comes back. Now a lot of apps are kinda freezing my phone as I use it and they say that unfortunately they have stopped working (Some are from my sim card provider, others are from samsung, and others are from google... for example Gmail, samsung push service, google play store, among many others.) some of them stopped annoying, and some others I just had to clear cache and deactivate them. I updated all apps I needed, like samsung service and etc.

It didn't bother me for a couple of days, but then it just randomly started completely freezing and nothing would help. Neither waiting, nor trying to lock the phone... Home screen wouldn't respond either. So all I could do is remove the battery. Again it would get stuck at the Samsung logo. I would leave it there for 20 minutes and yet it would not work again. So I removed the battery and tried a few more times and I got to get in. I realised that there was an average waiting time, while waiting at the SAMSUNG logo the LED light is also shining, and it at some point would stop shining and the phone would vibrate. So that means that the phone is about to work. But if it didn't do it and just kept stuck at the samsung logo with the LED light on, then I would have to remove the battery again and perhaps try several times.

But that is not the worst, it would keep on randomly freezing, every time more and more. So i backed up whatsapp and all pictures I had, I did a hard reset, cleared all cache and did a factory reset. Even after doing all this, the phone still freezes and still has trouble to initiate.

What can I do?? Is there anything I can do? Is my phone already retired? The problem is that the situation at home is extremely difficult, and I cannot even pay for my studies at the moment, so getting a new phone is a No-go. Even if its a used and old one, I cannot afford it.

I am planning to move to iOS at some future point (So much less problems than android as far as I experienced) but I cannot even afford an used android right now.

So please help me find a solution!

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Mar 23, 2016, 6:09:48 AM via Website

Did you try to use other sim-card? Maybe new sim is broken.

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Mar 24, 2016, 5:25:07 AM via Website

I haven't yet but I will try and let you know. I did try to go on plane mode though, steel freezes.

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Mar 24, 2016, 8:35:08 AM via Website

You must change your mobile

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Sep 20, 2017, 4:13:16 PM via Website

I hav the exact same problem! went to australia and had to buy a new phone! sry can not help :/