Where will the sun shine?

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Mar 21, 2016, 10:03:21 PM via Website

Tourism: app shows cities with fine weather for visiting

Where Will the Sun Shine? app uses the weather forecast data to help the user choose the destination for his next trip; it searches for fine weather in cities in the USA and around the world.

Who hasn't already wasted time searching for a place for a quick getaway on the weekend and found out too late that the weather forecast shows rain for the destination? The free app Where Will the Sun Shine? shows touristic cities near the user where the weather will be suitable for a nice trip. The database has around 150 cities in the USA, 100 cities in Canada, 280 in Brazil and 50 in France.

To find the ideal place to go, the user chooses the date and the maximum distance he wants to travel, how many sunny days and the minimum temperature. That's it: the app provides a list of cities, which always are accompanied by three tags that indicate its touristic profile - historic, culture, gastronomy, adventure, beach, among others.

The weather forecast in each city is detailed by a calendar with minimum and maximum temperatures, besides the averages for the morning, afternoon and evening and the amount of rain or snow. All these informations are retrieved on the websites OpenWeatherMap and DeveloperForecast.

According to the app's creators, the couple Itamar Borges and Gabriela Bizotto, the purpose is to make life easier for those who want to make short trips, but who don't know exactly where to go. "We really like to travel and we used to lose too much time searching the weather forecast to choose a destination. We found the solution to our problem by gathering all the basic information in one place", Bizotto says.

Where Will the Sun Shine? app brings the weather forecast for some places visited by the app's creators and others they still want to visit. Their goal is to include more cities in the research database, reaching over than 200 cities in the USA in 2016. The app is available for Android and it can be downloaded for free at Google Play, under the name "Where will the sun shine?".

"We know that bad weather can spoil any heavenly place. Ask anyone who went visiting crystal clear water beaches, for example, and found out that the water was muddy because it was raining. We want to avoid that", Borges complements.

About Where Will the Sun Shine?

It’s an app that uses the weather forecast data to help you choose the destination for your next trip. App that shows in which touristic cities around the user it won't rain, aiming to help the user choose the destination for a short trip. It's possible to detail the search by date, distance, minimum temperature and the minimum amount of sunny days. It also shows tags indicating the touristic profile of the city. The app has in its database around 150 cities in the USA, 100 in Canada, 280 in Brazil and 50 in France. It was created by Itamar Borges and Gabriela Bizotto in 2015.

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