How to Print Contacts from your Android Phone Easily?

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The function of mobile phone is getting stronger and stronger, but that won't mean your private information will not be at stake. The age of Paper hasn't been perished, it is a good habit to record some important information such as contacts or some notes on the paper. Here, you must have been realized this point and find a way to print your contacts and save. Bingo! Here is the easiest way to print your android phone contacts.

Tool we need:

Syncios Mobile Manager

Syncios Mobile Manager is a smart desktop app which was originally designed for data transfer between mobile phones and computer in a fast way. It only takes a few minutes to transfer 500 contacts.

Besides, you can backup:


How Can I Print Contacts from my Android Phone with Syncios Mobile Manager?

Step 1. Install and run Syncios Mobile Manager.

To backup Android phone contacts to computer, connect your Android device to computer with its original USB cable. The Android Manager will detect and recognise the phone automatically. You will see all of the phone infor on the homepage, such as screenshot, capacity and storage space.


Step 2. Select contact(s) to backup to computer

To backup contact(s) to PC, click "My devices"> "Contacts". You are able to copy multiple or all contacts on Oneplus one/two/x to computer or laptop. Then, click on "Backup". You are enabled to choose backup path on local hard drive. Again, tag on "Backup". Normally, it takes only few seconds to transfer tens or hundreds of contacts.


Step 3. Print Backup Android Contacts.

The Contacts will be saved on your computer in file format, so you can print them out after opening it. Then all things have been done!


Very easy right? In fact, this Syncios Mobile Manager support not only Android devices but also iOS devices. That is to say you can backup and print data both from your android phone or iPhone, iPod and iPad.

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Thanks for sharing!(cool)(cool)

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I use a backup tool to transfer the contacts or text message from my device to pc, then print them out. Have a look, print text messages from android.

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Thanks for sharing this practical way. When you tend to print out your Android contacts, this way has some problems, such as it cannot put the contacts in a list, but csv format may can. If you recover contacts on computer, it is possible for you to print it out.

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The most direct way is through screenshot.
Open the contacts that you want, and press "Sleep/Wake" button and "volume key" at the same time to take a screenshot of contacts, then send them to yourself by email to print.
The easiest way that i tried is to print with a third-party tool
Jihosoft Phone Transfer allows to extract and print contacts as well as photos, videos, whatsApp messages, sms messages and more from your android or iPhone.
1.Download this software on your pc, launch it and select "Backup Your Phone".
2.Connect your android to pc until it is detected by this software. After that, select "Contacts" and click "Start Copy" to transfer contacts to computer.

3.After the transferring process, Open the backup files on your computer, check the contacts then click "Print " to print out the contacts.


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Hope it Helps.

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Thanks for sharing<3

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Very Good, wonderful info

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To print contacts from android phone, you should transfer them to computer first and you'll need an Android File Manager app to help. It can help you exoprt your contacts and messages to computer and save as printable format, then you can easy to print them out. How to print from android phone

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Nice and Useful sharing. Thanks.

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First of all ,you need to transfer contacts to pc , then print contacts from computer ,

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To print out contacts from Android phone easily, you can foucus on this powerful tool of Android contacts transfer tool. It allows you to recover all your contacts from Android phone to computer without any risk.
You just need to download the software and launch it on computer, then you can beigin to transfer your contacts to computer.
How to print contacts from Android to computer.

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Export contacts from HTC to vCard and then import the file to Gmail. And then launch iTunes and connect iPhone to Sync contacts.

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MobiKin Assistant for Android,this Android Assistant program is a PC-based device management tool that enables you to transfer files between Android device and computer without limitation. Except for that, it can help you to backup and restore your Android with one click and easily manage your phone mobile phone as well. It has many other features and if you are interested in it, you can download and install its free trial by clicking the icon below.

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No icon below. No link, no screenshots. Plus, if you are interested in promoting an app, you should start a new thread. Much more effective.