Best 3 Root Apps for Android to Root Android without Computer

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Feb 5, 2016, 7:03:08 AM via Website

Finally you make up your mind to root your phone or tablet, but get stuck to selecting a right one from lots of Android root tools? You don’t have to. This article shares with you best 4 Android root app.
1. SuperSU Pro
SuperSU Pro: SuperSU (Stands for super super user) is a root access app for Android, which can grant or deny access to root whenever any app requests root access. It will record your choice and allow those apps to access root without prompting. It also makes a log of root accesses.
•Root access prompting, logging, and notifications.
•Temporarily unroot or completely unroot your phone or tablet.
•Work even when Android is not properly booted.
•Wake on prompt.
•Work as system app.
•Accesses it by dialing ##1234## or ##7873778## from the dialer even it is hidden from the launcher.
•4- Selectable themes Dark, Light, Light- Dark Actionbar, and Default device.
•5- Selectable icons for the app.
•Smooth app, no extra load on CPU.
•No advertisement.
•Can be hidden.
•Small in size, just 2.2MB space.
•You cannot lock the app with a pin, but this feature is added in the Pro version which is a paid version of this app.

Download SuperSU Pro from Google Play Store>>

  1. Superuser
    This app does almost the same as SuperSU. With this app you are going to get PIN protection for the fee, which is available after paying for it in the SuperSU.
    This app is a little heavy compared to SuperSU, when it comes to CPU uses. The interface was not that good when the beta version was launched, but the official version is fine and runs smoothly. The developer of this app has announced that this app will always be free and no paid version will be launched ever.
    •It provides multi user supports (android 4.2 onwards).
    •It is a totally open source project; you can find the source code at github.
    •PIN protection. It asks for PIN whenever it encounters a root access request.
    •Every app can be configured separately.
    •Root access prompting, logging, and notification features.
    •It can handle multiple root access requests at a same time.
    •Updates very frequently in the marketplace, hence you will get added support to all the new Android versions almost instantly.
    •You can set the duration of request before they time out.
    •If you are looking for a free app, then you cannot find any app better than this one. You will never feel that you make a compromise by not going for a paid app.
    •No security voids in this app, everything is transparent.
    •This app is a little bit heavy in terms of CPU uses
    •The interface could be made better, but this can be of personal preference. If I don't like the interface doesn't mean you will feel the same.

Download Superuser from Google Play Store>>

  1. Superuser X [L]
    It is an Android root app designed for experienced people or developers, newbies or amateurs are advised to stay away from this app. This app permits all the apps to access roots once the binary file gets installed, you can also remove this app after that. Hence, you won't get any pop ups asking for the permission to access the root, those pop ups might be irritating for you if you use plenty of rooted apps. Using this app you can stay away from that irritation.
    •You will be getting the root access even if this app is uninstalled or gets corrupted once the binary file gets installed.
    •You can also uninstall the app after installing the binary file. Hence, you can save memory space.
    •Gives root access to every app without prompting for permission which can save your time, memory and CPU.
    •The app is designed for developers and experienced user, if you feel secure by giving the root access by prompting for it, then the app is not for you.
    •If you are in a habit of downloading and installing random rooted apps from the web, then the app is not for you. You might brick your phone in that case.
    •Free version of this app shows some ads, to get rid of that, you should purchase the paid version.
    •This app is currently available for those Android devices which are running on the ARM processor.
    •The app is based on command line interface. Graphical user interface is not provided.

Download Superuser X [L] from Google Play Store>>

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