Google Nexus 5 — whatsapp hangs when pressing back on some pictures and videos

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Jan 27, 2016, 9:33:02 PM via Website

BTW, this problem also happened to me with stock everything, no root, no kernel, no nothing (except oem unlock).

Sometimes (not everytime, but a lot of times, so it´s bothering) when I click a media (photo or video) in whatsapp, and I press the back button, whatsapp freezes for about 30 seconds, I can pull the drawer and use the phone normally, but if I try to use whatsapp, it just hangs there and eventually comes back. This started happening with Lollipop and older versions of whatsapp, but it´s still bothering me even after a clean flash and Im now on 6.01 with Elemental X 6.11 on my Nexus 5. I´ve tried diferent default media players but same thing happens. I contact whatsapp and at first they blamed my phone being modified (rooted), but it happened after a clean stock flash also. Please can anyone help me diagnose this?

I saved a video of the problem so you can see what I mean: hxxps://

Thank you

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