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Jan 5, 2016, 5:12:35 PM via Website

Dash up, up and up to reach up in Up Up It


Push the square up carefully, escaping from the moving blocks, as many times as possible to get the score as high as possible. Don’t let the blocks crush you down.


Up Up It Features:

Neither a level game nor it is continuous

Can take only four chances at one go; only four lives

Square should go up to grow up the score

Can relax at two points till you get the clear path

Be careful of those rhythmic bars. Don’t let them touch you


Up Up It is a simple adventurous game of a little block, trying to go up crossing all the obstacles on its way.
Talluri Games brought to you this usual block game with different game play to make it interesting and bring you out of your routine games.

Up Up It game play remains fun. The cost of this simple and interesting game is some of your precious and valuable time that you spend to play our Up Up It to gain fun and thrill.

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Jan 8, 2016, 10:09:06 AM via Website

Game is awesome!! Interface would have been improved a bit more :)

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