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Jan 5, 2016, 12:04:26 AM via Website

Not Your Ordinary GPS Voices


Tired of the robotic and emotionless GPS voices leading you to your destination? Looking for a something with a little character? Voices for Waze is here, with a motley crew of characters infusing your navigator with a bit of personality for your trip. From a Brooklyn wiseguy to a Jewish mother to a creepy voice (reminiscent of Dr. Claw from Inspector Gadget) to a peppy little girl and more, there is a variety of characters to spice up the ride.

You get in your car, pick Angelo’s voice, our native New Yawka, and choose a destination. He’ll pipe up with one of his start phrases -- “What you ‘spect me to drive it for you, too? Come on, step the gas.” Getting into traffic you hear “Ah geez, wid da traffic up ahead again… Whattaya gonna do?” And so on until you finally friggin’ get there, if you get my drift. Sometimes funny, sometimes snappy and sometimes eerie, the voices all have their own character.

Currently available only for Android devices, this app currently integrates with the Waze GPS app, giving the user a choice to overwrite any existing Waze voices with one or more of the character voices. Any and all original voices can be restored at any time, with more voice packs to come in the future.

Hear here: wazevoices.com

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