Unique Android Launchers

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Nov 22, 2015, 2:46:43 PM via Website

       Ok so this is about android launchers. We all love launchers since they provide us many customization to our androids.

                    So many of you have already heard about launchers like NOVA, APEX, HOLA, APUS etc. However they have somewhat similar UI, Most of you have also heard of BUZZ, THEMER, LAUNCHER LAB etc that provide almost unlimited customization.
                        Here i will tell you about some unique launchers with unique UI. So lets start..

  **1. Yahoo Aviate** (Free)

                  Most of you have probably heard of it and guessed it also. Yahoo Aviate isn't a traditional launcher but rather a homescreen replacement. There's no upkeep, no real messing around to see that everything's in its proper place. This app will do all of that for you, organizing both your homescreen and your apps to make them more timely and hopefully more useful to you at any given time. It's designed to help you stop digging through a cluttered app drawer for a particular app and show information that you'll need, like your morning commute time, or upcoming appointments at work, or media apps and widgets when you're using headphones.

Yahoo Aviate isn't exactly a seamless transition from a previous launcher, and it may take a few days to get used to, but the longer you use it, the more Yahoo Aviate will adapt to you habits and your life. Swipe functionality in Yahoo Aviate also changes with your homescreen throughtout the day, but a few gestures stay the same, such as swiping up to see your most frequent contacts.

Aviate started as a launcher under ThumbsUp Labs, but was bought by Yahoo and renamed as the Yahoo Aviate Launcher at the beginning of 2014.

Yahoo Aviate is free, and if you're willing to give it a few days to grow on you, it just might surprise you.

       **2. Scout Launcher by Bento Labs** (Free)

                          Scout is kind of new launcher from Bento Labs. It is currently in Beta version. Scout provides you the music, videos etc. Basically it adds the "CARDS" in your homescreen. With its new update it has more than 90 cards. 

                         It also have a traditional DOCK in which you can add upto 4 favourite apps and a App Drawer with A-Z listing of your apps. It also have something called Spaces(think of them as Folders) in which it arranges your apps. It is smooth and clutterfree. With less customization and more simplicity. You must give it a try !

         **3.Z Launcher by Nokia** (Free)

               Ok so some of you may know about this.This launcher is smooth, fast, clean & small. It's a contextual launcher like Aviate that means it predicts what you want. It has a standard DOCK with app drawer in middle, you can add upto 4 favourite apps in drawer. To the left of your homescreen there is a page for Widgets. 

                               To the right you can see all apps arranged alphabetically and vertically. Just scribble the first letter of the app you want in the homescreen and it will show you suggestions like app, contacts and web history. It comes with little customization like Hide an App and wallpaper. But its beautiful.

                  **4.SickSky by Michael Bentz** (Free)

                      So Michael Bentz created an another nice launcher. If you don't know then let me tell you that he is the same guy who created Zeam Launcher.

                     SickSky is small, smooth. It lacks DOCK & WIDGETS on the homescreen. Yeah you can't add anything on the homescreen. But still try it out. As it works completely on Swipes and double tap. Its a panel based launcher (Panels are like folders). Thats it. It comes with two icons on the homescreen. One for All Apps and other for Panels. You can customize and add panels and assign them to swipe.
                              It supports swipes from left, from right, up & down and also the double tap. You can assign an app to double tap. It still has long way to go. But still just check it out for free.

                   **5.Flow Home Beta by Larva Labs** (Free)

                              Flow is kind of like Scout. However Scout show you the cards but Flow Home aims for social media. Instead of icons or unread counts it shows the photos and tweets from Instagram and Twitter. It also supports Tumblr, Feedly etc however currently it doesn't support Facebook but it will.

                           It is beautiful and comes with many themes. You can add a custom profile on your homescreen and by swiping to right you will find your all apps. You can also access your most used apps by pressing a button on the bottom right  of your homescreen. However you will need an invite code or activation code (which is BETA20 for current version). They post code on their twitter page.

            **6.EverythingMe Launcher** (Free)

                       So EverythingMe is kind of standard UI launchers out there. But it's is better. It has Prediction Bar that's predicts the apps you want, it also has built in Screen Off that is quite handy. It organizes the apps on the Smart Folders. Well you maybe wondering that some other launchers like Hola, Apus also has smart folders but EverythingMe is smarter.

                     It has Quick Contacts panel to the left of your homescreen. Some other features are Context Feed and Gestures. Try it and you will love it. The more you use the better it becomes or so they say 

              **7.Smart Launcher 2/Smart launcher Pro** (Free/Paid)

                                       Smart Launcher automatically organizes your phone for you. It has nice homescreen having your favourites apps arranged in a nice ring. To the left it has a app drawer in which all your apps are arranged in 6 categories.

                                      There is a function in which you can assign an another app by double tapping an app on homescreen. Paid version supports widgets, gestures and ability to add new categories. It has wide variety of beautiful themes. It is small, smart and elegant.

                        **8.Action Launcher 3/Action Launcher Pro** (Free/Paid)

                                   Action Launcher is very famous for its sidebar app drawer. It also has Cover (Tapping a cover open the app, swiping cover will launch an folder.) Shutters (swipe a shortcut to reveal an app's widget.)

                                    Paid version suppots new designs for covers and shutters, gestures. Paid version also changes the colour of your wallpaper as per your wallpaper(Pretty Cool). It also has the quickbar to customize the google searchbar and adding few of your favourites apps in it.Try its free version

                           **9.Launch by Quixey Launcher** (Free)

                                    Launch is new and currently in Beta. It small (However its little laggy on my moto g3) and beautiful. Best thing about Launch is its simplicity. Swipe up from your homescreen for All Apps and it supports folders in app drawer it has few settings for gestures, unread counts etc. 

                                    Swipe to the left from homescreen it displays certain cards for wheather, uber etc. Try it for free

                          **10.HomeUX/HomeUX Pro Launcher**  (Free)

                                       It is also a new and currently in beta. It also have a paid version. So it is completely different launcher.Your HomeUX screen is divided between two distinct areas: the top is the Action Panel and the bottom is whatever folder you happen to be browsing. Swiping vertically switches folders, which in turn changes the background image and accent color of the Action Panel. By default, you have one folder — All — which hosts all of your apps' icons.

                               Your Action panel house Quickapps which you can choose and a Floating Quickapp. Swiping horizontally on bottom folder allows you to add multiple screen in the same folder. You can add wideget also by long pressing in an empty space. You can also swipe horizontally in action panel. Swiping to right allows you to add folders and swiping to left allows you to change wallpapers,UX setting and icon packs. You surely gonna love this launcher.

       **Honorable Mentions**

        11. Nano Launcher (Check it out. Its small and nice.)

        12.Waterdrop Launcher (Its very simple. You can try it. It has different UI but not much likeble.)

        13.Rockit Launcher (It lags a little in my moto g3.)

        14.WP Launcher 8/10 (Yeah Windows Phone Launcher)

        15.WidgetHome Launcher (For those who love widgets.)

        16.Infinity Launcher (Too Laggy)

        17.Minimal Launcher (Actually uses more RAM)

        18.Yolo Launcher (Smooth)

        19.Sloth Launcher (Free version provides very less customization)

        20.Total Launcher (Totally Cool)

        21.UR Mood Launcher (One of my personal favourites in this list. Just Try it.)