Samsung Galaxy S6 — Music player artist name problems

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Nov 7, 2015, 4:04:08 PM via Website

Hi all. I am very anal retentive about my music player and I've spent many hours of hard work making sure all the albums and songs have the correct tags.

Unfortunately today I downloaded a Beatles song which has ruined all of my efforts up to this point. It replaced the capital T in 'The Beatles' with a lower-case one. This applied to every one of the 150 or so Beatles songs in my library. Then in my attempt to solve this, I added in another space after 'the' which then solved the first matter but created another.

I am well aware that this is not a disaster and probably not worth getting so annoyed about, but I am anyways. I have tried every tag editor I know and it still refuses to go back to normal. I am absolutely at the end of my tether. Every time I see a Beatles song how ever much I like it the feeling is ruined by the glaring grammatical error. Many thanks for any help.

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