[APP] [FREE] "Hash" is a hyperlocal social platform that allows you to connect with people and services around you using hashtags.

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Oct 28, 2015, 12:57:33 PM via Website

Are Social Networks really social??


Fun Fact for you'll today....!!!

Wiki definition of the word 'social networking' is the use of dedicated websites and applications to interact with other users, or to find people with similar interests to one's own.

Quick question here- How many of the numerous websites we use today, are truly connecting us as strangers socially?? Imagine sitting at an airport waiting lounge and having say Mr. XYZ CEO of ABC Corp sitting next to you. What are the possible scenarios to this situation?

Scenario 1: You recognize him, you muster the courage of walking upto him, introduce yourself and start a candid conversation. IDEAL Case... Nailed it right??

Scenario 2: You recognize him, then you search him and read more about him on google and just keep looking at him with longing eyes but don't muster the courage to get up and even say a 'Hi'. BASE Case....It is ok Boss!!!

Scenario 3: You don't know who he is; you don't feel dejected or deprived of anything... Flight has come. Time to go!!! Missed conversation and opportunity BOTH!

Personally 98% people fall in Scenario 2 or 3; missing out on the thousands of opportunities just sitting right under their noses. Social media sites like Facebook, Whatsapp, Twitter are only connecting those who've already been connected to each other across all the same platforms.

At this moment sitting at the airport or at work or possibly at a pub how many of us have the social sense to talk to one another, or to just ask one another for possibly a drink together or to share a cab or just to go out for a casual walk. Our estimates say that over USD 10bn is overspent by the world every single day just because there is no new social advancement done by people. In this age of SmartPhones we have become Dumbones slaved to our small networks on Facebook & Whatapp.

Imagine as complete strangers we all start talking to one other on various things that are trending in our vicinity. A local football game, the traffic, the best restaurants around us, the hot girl/boy next door and many such limitless interactions. Overcoming language and personal skill barriers- imagine living in your hyperlocal vicinity as a bunch of connected people. Truly redefining the word social interaction.

Allow me to present to you today... #Hash...A revolutionary new app that connects you to people you may need, either for play or for business; to possibilities and opportunities that you didn’t know exist within your hyper-local space.




Here’s how to do it:
∙ Create your own hashtags to start conversations with people around you in real-time, from anything to everything that interests you.

∙ Get to know of various discounts and offers tendered by local services within the two-kilometer radius around you.

∙ Break the ice with that girl or boy you are looking at from the corner of your eye.

Let’s say you’re to heading out for drinks in a new city, but not sure which pub offers the best deal in that area. Simply log in to Hash and get real-time reviews from people at the pub!

And what if you need help on a college project, just create a hashtag asking people on your campus help you out using Hash.

Say you want to share a taxi from a railway station, create a hashtag, e.g.‪#‎ShareTaxiTo and let passengers help themselves by joining you in the cab.
Other features of HASH include

∙ Follow top trends from other social media platforms such as Twitter and Instagram.

∙ Add trends you want to follow

So what you are waiting for? Give this one a chance-Install and get HASH-ing!!

Download on: GOOGLE PlayStore




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