Samsung Galaxy Note 2 — Note 2 extreme slow charge

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Sep 18, 2015, 1:27:41 PM via Website


I have been experience slow charge on my note 2. It started about a year ago when the phone take a whole night to charge from 20% to 80%. After I install a couple of battery control apps, the problem seem manageable, the phone take about 5 hours to charge. I usually leave the phone charge overnight, therefore, it wasn't a problem. However, recently the phone take the whole night to charge, which is 10 hours+. I have been trying a couple of chargers, from samsung original chargers to htc and other brands. When I charge from a wall socket with samsung chargers, it charge extremely slow, sometimes the whole night, other 5 hours and rarely, it charge perfectly. These are chargers that come with galaxy phones, my family got a few galaxy therefore the chargers are mix, however, I been trying them all and none show consistent good result. When I charge using my old htc charger, it seems faster. I once try USB charging with a samsung cord and it seem fast enough for charging from a laptop most of the time. Therefore, I don't think it's the cords, it can't the samsung charger either because there are 5 of them and my phone react the same way. It doesn't make sense being the phone either as it works fine with non-samsung charger. I even try charging with the phone turn off but nothing change. Please help :(!!! My phone is not root and the battery perform extremely well when fully charge (up to 2 days of usage).

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Jul 13, 2018, 4:49:04 PM via Website

I would upgrade to the note 8 stylus