Hajj And Umrah Guide Made Easy

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Sep 15, 2015, 8:51:16 AM via Website

This application contains a detailed description on how to perform Hajj and Umrah properly including the way of putting on Ihram, Ihram of women, kinds of Hajj, Shariah terms, different Dua’s (prayers), beneficial suggestions for Hujjaj, and much more besides.This application likewise elucidates numerous usually discovered misguided judgments and advancements honed by the Muslims.

Hajj And Umrah Guide For Android

Hajj Guide will provide you information on topics like:

Significance of Hajj
Planning for Hajj
Important Items for Hajj

Guidance & Information: Whole information about both Pilgrimages Umrah & Hajj.

Easy to understand: Simply comprehensible User Interface with beautiful visibility.

Swiping Option: Swiping within each Category makes it even easier to use.

Sharing Option: User can easily share this application on various sharing platforms.

*Umrah Guide*
This area manages fundamental data about Small Pilgrimage and educates client concerning how to do Umrah. It tells one about Background, Meaning, Pillars and Rights of Performing Umrah. It covers all data with respect to all progressions of Umra, i.e. Ihram, Intention, Meeqat, Reaching Haram, Tawaf e Kabha, Saee, and Shaving Head.

Hajj Guide
It lets one to get the fundamental ability of whole Hajj Rituals to be performed amid Hajj Pilgrimage. The application client will relate to its essential learning and Manasek like Time and Place, Eligibility, Prerequisites, Preparation, Fundamental and Compulsory Acts, all Days, Farewell Tawaf and Returning Home.

Hajj Map
This division depicts lovely portray about vital Places of Visiting amid these Pilgrimages.

Destination Map
This Chart helps client in thinking about Distance and Time needed in coming to starting with one destination then onto the next amid Pilgrimage.

Junaid Q.

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Sep 15, 2015, 4:50:19 PM via Website

Thanks really helpful app I will recommend it to my relatives who are going to perform hajj :)


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Nov 11, 2015, 10:37:33 AM via Website

Thanks for the this app it will really helpful for many peoples.

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Aug 10, 2016, 1:04:26 PM via Website

‘Umrah can be performed along with Hajj and in other days as well. Umrah can be performed during anytime in the year, there is no fixed time for ‘Umrah. Many hadiths proved the virtues of performing umrah. Abu Hurairah (RA) narrates that Nabi (SAW) said, An Umrah to another Umrah will be redemption of sins for whatever (minor) occurs between them. (Bukhari, Muslim) another hadiths which shows the importance of performing umrah . Ibne Masood (RA) said that Nabi (SAW) said, Follow up the Hajj and Umrah, because they certainly remove poverty and sins as fire separates the impurities from iron, gold and silver.
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Sumera Khan