How To Fix A Broken Digitizer

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Sep 1, 2015, 5:57:32 PM via Website

The Digitizer, Perhaps The Most Important Part Of The Phone That Makes It Work, If Its Broken You Can Pay Almost 500$ To Have It Fixed By An Store, So Heres How To Fix It,

But First The Digitizer Is The Touch Interface And LCD Protector On A Phone,

What You Need,

Sterile Plastic Gloves
Very Tiny Screwdrivers + and - Heads
Phone Digitizer Replacement
Electronic Epoxy (Clear)
Broken Phone "Duhhhhhh"

1: Shut Down The Device And Remove The Battery, SIM, And SD Card (Put On Gloves)

2: Unscrew The Entire Back Cover

3 Remove The Plastic Pannel Carefully With Flathead

4: Detach The Digitizer Cord From Motherboard (By Detaching Connector Or By Carefully Prying Off The Cord From The Board Unit) (its the cord sticking out)


5: Pry The Digitizer Off The Front Without Damaging The LCD Or Getting The Bonding Glue On It

6: Attach The New Digitizer On The Glue (Or Add More If Needed)

7: Attach The Cords Back By Applying The Cord Back And Connecting It To The Motherboard

8: Reassemble The Device

9: It Should Work Like New If It Dosent Work Make Shure The Cords Are Connected And If It Dont Work (Youre Phone Is Dead Bruh)

Junaid Q.

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Sep 12, 2015, 5:22:53 PM via Website

Can You post more mobile repairing tutorials :D

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Nov 26, 2015, 2:38:27 PM via Website

Instructions are good, but a video tutorial would be more useful and helpful to us.

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