[APP][4.0+][FREE] Momentshot is a creative and challenging social app

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Aug 7, 2015, 2:45:38 AM via Website

Hi Everyone,

Thank you for taking your time to read my thread. I am so excited to share and let you know about our application. By reading this thread, you will get a better understand about the app and I am sure you will be start liking once after you making few Momentshot posts.

We love to see your first creative ‪#‎momentshot post‬! You can find our app via visiting the google play store link below

your feedback are important to us, we'd love to hear your feedback!

[B][SIZE=5]Description about the App[/SIZE][/B]

Momentshot is a creative and challenging social app. It provides a new way of exploring your creative moments in a social networking environment. It is a challenging way to play with your friends, families and anyone using our social quiz posing app that comes with many twists.

Every snap that you capture of yourself or others to create your post can be shared publicly or even privately with your friends. Your post can be relative to any topic, such as your social life style, personal life style, sports, gossip, movie, knowledge, funny, challenges, holiday snaps or even special moments. You name it! This app truly has no limits.

Any random moments that can make others laugh, scratch their heads or even create awareness can be posted on this social networking app. It is entirely up to you and how you think with your creative mind.


To create fun and enjoyable moments, simply do the following:
1. Pose for a snap shot using your camera so everything inside Momentshot is real!

  1. Ask a creative, social or any question about the picture that you have captured
    E.g. take a photo of someone's facial expression and you could proceed by asking questions such as, “What do you think happened before this shot was taken?''

  2. There are 4 spaces for you to list your 4 possible answers.

  3. Let us know which answer is correct.

  4. Upload moment of your snap shot.

  5. Decide how you want to share your snap
    a. Public: - This means you will share globally, so all of our users will be able to discover your post and respond with their own answers.

b. Friends: This means you’re sharing your Momentshot with your own friends privately and asking them to respond.

c. You could share it through Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Viber, WhatsApp and all other major apps.

  1. Earn points

  2. Rewards are waiting for you…

Try us out for FREE and keep up with your friends through selfies, poses, and snap shots of any creative moments that may confuse your friends or the world. With our app, you can experience your moments through this new way of connecting with friends, family and globally.

A few examples of situations in which you may use the moment shot app to boost your social networking experience and engage between you and others.

◼ Sport
You’re sitting in a football stadium during a football match. You could use the app to capture a random moment and leave a question related to the topic such as; who will be scoring the last goal in the next 15 minutes? 4 possible answers will then be listed. Invite your friends and family to figure out the correct answer!

◼ In a club
A group of members are socialising. Someone decided to fart, but nobody knows who did it. You could capture the best moment after it happens and ask the question: which one of the following 4 people listed do you think farted before this picture was taken? You could either post it globally so every user who is using Momentshot can respond, or alternatively, you can keep it private between friends.

◼ Wedding
During a wedding when the bride throws her bouquet, take a best shot of the moment and then you could ask a question about who caught the bouquet with 4 possible answers.

The examples above are just few of the many ways in which this app can be used. As mentioned previously, this app is limitless; it all depends on your creativity.

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Aug 19, 2015, 11:38:11 PM via Website

Alias Marne

Simply cool. Carry on.

Thank you. We have more update. please check them up

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Jan 31, 2016, 2:06:19 PM via Website

A new update that we have made. Please check them and give us your feedback. Many thanks

Update's are

◼ Image validation.
◼ Answer Validation
◼ Friends Improvement
◼ Progress Chart.
◼ New tasks for new users.
◼ An indication to let you know how many moments are not attended.
◼ New option - Send to 25 random users.
◼ Auto-login.
◼ UX/UI Changes and Improvements.
◼ App Improvements.